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With publication of our latest catalogue we would like to showcase our new products. Due to continuous product development and product improvement as well as market demands we added following products to our range:



NEW in our programm!

miro-fixorip, latex free!

Tearable, cohesive fixation bandage with a universal range
of use: for fixation, support and release. Especially suitable for sports.
• breathabel, water-repellent, adheres to itself
• availabe in 3 different widths (5cm, 7,5cm and
   10cm) and 4 different colours (red, black, blue
   and skin colour)





miro-stretch transparent

The new version which we store since the beginning of this year shows the following advantages: 

• a  "wave-cut" in the lower protection foil which simplifies
   the peel off process
• transparent, upper protection foil with a blue raster -
   simplifies the accurate application of the bandage
• blue beginning mark which makes it easy to peel off the
   upper protection foil. 









elastic zinc paste cooling bandage  

• made of gauze texture and soaked with a hydrocolloid          matrix with natrium alginate and zinc oxide

• combines the positive features of a zinc paste bandage        with an improved formulation for an enduring cooling

• the cooling effect endures over a period of 5 hours and  

   can even be extended by sprinkling the bandage with  

   water subsequently

• natrium alginate and zinc oxide support a faster heeling 

• supports everyday injuries and sports injuries as sprains,

   strains, contusions and dislocations

• can also be applied directly to abrasions since the formula    is without any alcohol and oil





miro-stripe sensitive

injection strip on a roll

• 250 pieces per roll, 20 x 40 mm

• made of a smooth non-woven polyester

• easy handling due to perforation between the plasters







ready-to-use finger bandage with non-stitched down ending 

• made of seamless knitted tubular tricot, 100% cotton

• packaged standard size   






miro-tape color, black

non-elastic sports tape 

• non-elastic, made of 100% cotton texture

• zinc oxide caoutchouc adhesive






miro-haft fine color, black und pink

cohesive, elastic fixation bandage

• adheres only to itself, not to the skin or hair

• economic in use since as the bandage only has to be

   wrapped a few times

• 20m roll, single packed






sterile I.V. - injection strip

• made of a smooth non-woven polyester

• centered compress with polyester net

• skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive   






miro-fleece compress

high absorbent special compress 

• thin, very smooth but high absorbent special compress

• double-sided aplicable, no wrong application possible

• does not adhere to the wound





For detailed information or inquiries please see our latest product overview or contact our sales-team.